Potentially Asked Questions

How often does Charcuterie publish?

Twice a year in October and April in editions of 150. After we launch an issue, we publish the previous issue online on our website, which also functions as an archive of our activities, content and and interim publications.

The page numbers in my copy of Charcuterie 3 start with 48. Is this a mistake?

The page numbers carry over from the previous issues. We envision one day we would combine all the issues into one volume.

What is the Rice Cooker/Hair Salon?

The Rice Cooker/Hair Salon Society for Art and Criticism is the non-profit society that operates and financially administrates Charcuterie, Spare Room and LIT LIT LIT LIT. It was founded in 2017 when Spare Room director Sungpil Yoon and Charcuterie co-founder Steffanie Ling wanted to create one society to work and learn collaboratively to navigate the bureaucracies and legal structures of artist-run culture.

Where do you get your funding?

Charcuterie is personally funded by each of its editors and one art director who share the printing costs of each issue. We apply for public funding now and then, but not tenaciously. We are also pretty lackadaisical about fundraising. We prioritize our energies on editing.

How do I submit?

We do not have the capacity to initiate an open call or process open submissions so content has been solicited by invitation, however, we are always open to general inquiries and would never disregard a solid writing pitch.

We do not accept submissions for the poster editions.

What kind of content are you generally looking for, in case I am interested in sending a pitch?

We have published long form essays 1000-2500 words, poetry, film, book, exhibition reviews, short stories.

Each issue is assembled in response to the conversations and concerns circulating in the communities, neighbourhoods, and institutions that are frequented for discourse, kinship, production, labour and spectatorship that are polemical in nature. We are open to what cultural producers are interested in engaging with beyond the purview of institutional or received expertise, and hope to offer a space to unravel unconventional methodology, opinion etc. We value sincerity, clarity and self-reflexivity.

You can send a pitch to submissions@charcuterie.party

Do you pay your contributors fees?

We cannot, currently.

Do you pay yourselves?

We cannot.

How do you afford to produce this publication?

Each of us are individually employed as administrators, clerks and programmers at artist-run centres, a major public gallery and a tech start-up. Our collective structure keeps the expenses low and our events and launches function as minor fundraising efforts. We are grateful to all our contributors who donate their contributions and critical views to Charcuterie.

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